The Story Of Prada

The Story of Prada

 They say, there is nothing more fashionable than Prada in your wardrobe. That’s right!

Prada is one of the most famous and largest fashion houses in the world. The name is synonymous with providing top class luxurious fashion to its up market customers.  The swanky fashion label specializes in manufacturing best quality and always offers the latest in fashion in all ready to wear leather and various accessories like luggage, shoes, bags, perfumes and watches.

Mario Prada and Martino were once leather workers but it was their indomitable attitude and irreparable quality of work that made them what they are today. Later, the two started importing trunks and handbags. This was the start of the spectacular brand what we today know as Prada.

In 1913 Mario Prada found the Prada label by opening the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. This store was in the Italian fashion capital, Milan, and featured trunks, beauty cases and leather bags. In 1919 Prada became the official supplier to the Italian Royal Household. The Prada store in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II became a favorite port of call for the most elegant and refined members of the European aristocracy and upper classes. In 1970 Luisa Prada’s daughter, Miuccia Prada joined the company. In 1977 Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli, a Tuscan businessman, started their partnership. This partnership can be marked as the beginning of the development of the Prada label. In 1978 Miuccia Prada officially inherited the Prada Company. Prada came out with its first huge innovation and launched nylon that looks like precious silk. This fabric became an icon on its own and was used throughout the fashion world. In 1979, they launched Prada’s first women’s footwear collection. In 1983 Prada opened a new store in Via Della Spiga in Milan. This store represented the new image of the brand, by combining traditional elements with a modern architectural setting, and introducing the pale-green color, which later became Prada’s stores’ symbol around the world. In 1984 the Prada backpack was launched. In 1986, Prada went international and opened stores in New York and Madrid, and later in Paris, London and Tokyo. In 1988 Prada ran its first women’s collection in Milan. In 1993, Miuccia Prada launched the new Miu Miu brand. Miu Miu included women’s ready-to-wear, bags, footwear, and accessories. This year also marked the creation of the Milano Prada Arte, a project to capture and show provocative art, cinema, architecture and culture. To add to an already exciting and innovative year for the brand, the first men’s collection was launched and included ready-to-wear, accessories, and shoes. In 1995 actress Uma Thurman wore a Prada dress to the Academy Awards. The year 1997 saw Patrizio Bertelli create the “Prada Challenge for the America’s Cup 2000” sailing team.  In 1999 the brand Church’s became a part of the Prada Group. The brand specialized in handmade high-end footwear.

In 2000 Prada reached another huge milestone and launched its sunglasses and eye-wear collection. In 2001 Prada opened the first Car Shoe store and the first Prada Epicenter was opened in New York, which was designed in order to reconsider the way the shopping experience was had. In 2002 Prada opened its headquarters in New York. In 2003 Prada began to create fragrances after joining into an agreement with PUIG Beauty & Fashion Group. The same year Prada joined the agreement with Luxoptica (world leader in eye-wear industry), for the production and worldwide distribution of Prada and Miu Miu’s eyewear collections. Also in 2003, the second Prada Epicenter was opened in Tokyo.  By 2014 the third Epicenter was erected on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. In 2005 a Prada exhibition was opened and called “Waist Down”. The exhibition was first shown in the Epicenter in Tokyo and showed off some of the most prominent skirts designed and created at Prada from 1988. After Tokyo, Waist Down was shown in Shanghai (2005), New York and Los Angeles’ Prada Epicenters (2006). The same year Prada also presented the short film “Thunder Perfect Mind” at the Berlin Film Festival.  In 2006 Miu Miu became part of the official calendar of Paris’ Prêt-à-Porter runway shows to emphasize the International spirit of the brand. This year also marked the launch of the first men’s fragrance from Prada. In March 2007 it was the launch of the Prada Phone by LG, the first cell phone with an entirely “touch screen”.

In 2008 another Prada short film was debuted. “Trembled Blossoms”, an animated film based on Prada’s collaboration with James Jean, who was inspired by the labels Spring/Summer 2008 collection.  In 2009 Prada released the movie First Spring in collaboration with pioneering Chinese artist Yang Fudong. This year is also marked with the presentation of Prada book, which retraced and represented the  multivalent aspects of Prada, from fashion to communication, from the pursuit of excellence to technological advancement, from architecture to art. In 2009 Seoul hosted the Prada Transformer, a  futuristic “rotating” building, which was created by Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli in collaboration wit the architect Rem Koolhaas. The building was designed to hold four different events – art, cinema, fashion and culture. In 2010 they launched “Prada Made in…” collection. This line highlighted the different craftsmanship of different countries. Prada also opened new flagship stores in Shanghai. In 2011 Prada went public and listed 20% of its shares on the Hong Kong stock exchange, where the company was valued at €9.2bn Euros. In 2011 Prada and LG Electronics renewed their exclusive mobile phone partnership to develop the Prada phone by LG 3.0, for launch in early 2012. Leading American actor Edward Norton and model Daria Werbowy were the faces of the global advertising campaign. In December 2011 Prada presented its Spring/Summer 2012 Men’s and Women’s Collections in an industrial-like location in Tokyo. On January 22nd 2011 Prada hosted a Fashion Show in Beijing at the Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum. The event started with the Prada women and men fashion show. The show was followed by a dinner party and unique live performance of the iconic band Pet Shop Boys and DJs like Dan Lywood and Dan Williams.

In 2012 Miu Miu opened a three day exclusive women’s club, the-miumiu-london, at the Café Royal in London’s Piccadilly, which was transformed into a hub of multidisciplinary activities and events.  The Prada fashion show for spring/ summer 2012 plays with theme of women and cars in the fifties. ‘Sweetness’ was Miuccia Prada description of the new summer clothing trends. It was a return to the innocence of a time when clothes were more about pretty than about revealing every bit of thigh and cleavage. Oversized boyfriend letterman jackets (waist and knee length) came out in floral prints with solid colored sleeves and cuffs. Green, yellow and blue were used for daytime styles and a mix of gold, black and crimson reminiscent of Imperial China glammed up for the evening. In 2012 Prada presented the “24 h Museum” in Paris, which was opened just one day.

In 2013 Miuccia Prada has collaborated with legendary costume designer Catherine Martin to create a bespoke collection of over 40 unique Miu Miu and Prada cocktail and evening dresses for Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby. A special exhibition of selected costumes was on display at the Prada New York Epicenter, at the Prada Tokyo Epicenter store and after in Shanghai. In 2013 Car Shoe opened its first store in Tuscan cult shopping city. To celebrate the event, Car Shoe invaded the seaside town with 50 branded yellow bicycles and launched a social marathon on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, inviting fans to post #carshoewayoflife updates. The same year Car Shoe and Automobili Lamborghini celebrated their 50th anniversary together in May 2013. A limited edition of Car Shoe’s cult moccasin was released for the occasion. In 2015 Prada presented “The Postman Dreams”, a humorous series of five shorts by Autumn de Wilde- starring the Prada Galleria bag.